Alien Invasion – Revenge of the Clouds

Evil Cloud

So a friend of mine told me a funny story the other day. Late one evening he was sat outside in his garden enjoying a post dinner smoke when he looked up to see a light moving across the sky. Dismissing it as a plane he turned to go inside when he noticed another light close by the first one and seemingly maintaining a close position behind the first – this is the point where he began to believe something more than just aircraft were invovled.

Soon he could make out more and more points of light moving around the sky, and, given his slightly overactive imagination, this is where he suspected the work of extraterrestrials. He began to call round his close family members, informing them of these strange events in the sky.

It was not until the third call, and to his horror, that he realised that the points of light in the sky were not moving at all, but in fact the clouds themselves were moving and causing the optical illusion that the stars were. Suffice to say that the friend in question has not yet lived this down, although some credit must go to him for the inspiration for this post.

Take it easy guys and gals

Lucas Goon

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