Daily Prompt: Unexpected loss – The problem of working for FMCG companies

So this has actually happened to me recently – I was working for a Fast Moving Consumer Goods manufacturer at their head office (They are one of the largest providers of milk based products in the uk). FMCG’s are goods that are sold quickly and relatively cheaply, for example non durable products a lot of grocery items and soft drinks (For more info see the wiki page here). The job entailed a lot of tedious data entry and processing, along with chasing up various 3rd party contractors and customer for information and payments. Now, for the money they were paying me I was more than happy to crack on with the work and get it done. What I was not prepared for was the poor people management I experienced whilst I was there. It all started a couple of months after I first joined the company, when the other guy who had started in the role at same time as me left – leaving me with double the workload to do because they did not want to replace him.

This is when they began asking me to start working over my contracted hours, to which I naturally said no, given that they seemed to be arbitrarily changing the terms of my contract without my consent, with nothing to offer in return for the increased workload.

I then went on holiday for a week (even getting that was like I had to jump through rings of fire – I actually thought my boss was going to say no to start with when I asked for the personal days). I had stayed late that last night before my break to make sure that all my work was up to date and left the office none the wiser of what was to come.

Ring of Fire

Then two days into the break they called me to let me know that my services were no longer required – and given that I was still on my probation they would not even give me a reason why and claimed they were not obliged to. This just worked to further enforce my opinion of the larger companies out there, where the personnel are clearly seen as a unit with a number in the machine and nothing else.

Now you may ask why I even went to the company in the first place if that is my view on them. Mainly I wanted a job closer to home and this popped up and given the current employment situation in the UK I thought it was at least worth a look. – it was a good wage for what the job entailed – yet I wish now I had heard the alarm bells that were probably screaming in my head.

So all in all I would say the main emotion I felt at hearing the news was relief. Glad to be away from that hostile atmosphere, and in fact I have now landed myself something a bit more suited to me – with not a suit in sight thankfully, and a nice lively place to work with a boss who is probably more laid back than I am. So what I’d say about loss is that more often than not there is a bonus to be had with it. I think Alexander Graham Bell sums it up best:

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

So make sure you keep your eyes peeled guy and gals – you never know when the next opportunity will be coming round the corner.

Lucas Goon.


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2 comments on “Daily Prompt: Unexpected loss – The problem of working for FMCG companies
  1. afsheenanjum says:

    Allah have always a better option for us – one door closed and another opens.. True

  2. Lisa says:

    Glad it worked out for you. Yes, always listen to those warnings ringing in your ears.

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