Orion 83 – Part 1 – Deep Sleep

Hey guys! So i thought I would have a go at some creative writing as well – I have always been a big Sci-Fi fan so it seems as good a place to start as any. Would appreciate any feedback you have got or any ideas on where I could progress this to as well:

Orion 83 always hated waking from deep sleep – the drone of his waking subroutine meant that his starship, the Lucasia, would reach Epsilon 4 in two hours; One hour of self testing algorithms followed by one hour of Aoga, a form of yoga developed to stimulate lubrication flow in mobility systems, essential for any android waking from an extended period in deep sleep. The Lucasia had been cruising through deep space for eight months. Eight months of The Dream for Orion 83. So singular that it justifies the definite article, The Dream was the same for all androids. A light flashing with a regular rhythm, On, Off, On, Off. Never varying and never halting. It is this one constant that kept Orion 83 sane in the chaos of the universe, the light at the end of the tunnel.

The test results came in whilst Orion 83 guided the single berth craft to the planet surface, and they confirmed all systems to be functioning at optimum capacity. He had been dispatched to this distant planet on a routine survey mission, to assess its potential as a resource colony. Long range scans indicated that there were rich deposits of Oblatium in the planet’s crust, with no sign of indigenous life. Oblatium exhibits some exceptional chemical properties, most notably that when electrified under specific conditions the compound emits tremendous amounts of energy, without being consumed. This provided a constant power source for humanity’s exploration of the stars and is the very compound at the centre of Orion 83’s chest cavity, ensuring his continued existence.

The craft glided to a halt under Orion 83’s precise control and settled onto the planet’s surface. The smooth landing triggered subroutines within the ship’s computer which began the lengthy process of dispatching survey drones to explore and catalogue the surface. With nothing to do but wait, Orion 83 stepped out onto the lifeless grey surface of the planet, hopeful that this planet would be different to others, that there would be something of interest to alleviate the boredom.

It was not until his third day on the planet that he got his wish. After cresting a particularly difficult ridge he was stumped for an explanation. Right before him was a massive black cube, towering over his head. All his attempts to scan it failed, with the beams disappearing into nothingness. This certainly did not tally up with anything in his data banks, and that alone was enough to generate an error report – the unknown was dangerous in this age of space exploration, and he certainly had no intention of becoming scrap. Yet the draw of the object was powerful, and the wrongness sucked at him, urging him to touch it…

That’s what I have got so far – any pointers on where to go or the style would be much appreciated.

Lucas Goon

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