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Daily Prompt: SOS | The Daily Post

Glyn glanced up at the incoming tide, and something shiny caught his eye. He waded over and plucked the glittery object that was bobbing gently in the white surf. It was a bottle with a piece of parchment sealed inside.

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The Present

The present day, where all things fall. A gift for us, the best of all. Whizzing around, busy as bees. Some up high, others on knees. A precious gift, the time we keep. Time for a chat, as the brews

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Musings of a First Time Buyer

I am currently looking to buy my first house with my Fiance and the process is certainly proving a lot more complicated than I first thought. With so many factors to account for it appeared at first glance to be

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The Bees play a numbers game

Here is a quick poem about bees, and in keeping with today’s prompt each stanza has 26 syllables. Enjoy! Each of us a number, one digit in the machine. Everyone playing parts, from our lowest drone to queen. Numbers bring

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Orion 83 – A Path to Enlightenment

I am fairly new to the whole writing game so no books planned as yet, however I thought I would base the blurb on a short story series I have started about an android called Orion 83. If you find

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Man’s Best Friend

One of the nicest things I have ever done was for my pet dog, Beau, a Doberman crossbreed. About 18 months ago we rescued her from the Pondarosa Rescue Kennels and she has certainly come a long way from the

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He stared into the rippling waters beneath, each wave showing a different face. A face for every occasion, one might think. Yet to him they were all the same, a mask to hide his intent. His nickname as a youth

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