The truth or not the truth, that is the question. (Daily Prompt – Truth or Dare)

The Truth or not The Truth, that is the question. This is something we all face everyday. Here are just a few examples for you to mull upon:

  • Do we tell our boss what we really think of them?
  • Do you tell your patner what you actually thought of her hair?
  • Do you tell the doctor about that uncomfortable itch?
  • Do you tell your best friend what you opinion of their new partner is?
  • Do you tell everyone you fine even though you aren’t?

So many situations in life occur where it is just easier to lie than deal with the consequences. Yet this goes down an dark path and can lead to all sorts of complications. I remember one occasion I was travelling by train with a friend of mine who quite calmly asked what my opinion of pigeon racing was. The truthful response would have been to say no, I’m not interested, however I figured we would need something to talk about so I coaxed him into expanding on his interest in pigeons only to come realise about four hours later that actually the subject could be of interest if put across in the right way. So in this case whilst the whole premise was built on a lie the outcome was still positive.

If you are like me then when it comes to your own problems you tend to keep things to yourself. I have always been of the opinion that my problems are mine to deal with and if I want help I will ask. This means that lies of omission are not uncommon occurences for me. There is however one exception to this which would be my Fiance who does always get the full truth off me, mainly because it has become impossible to lie to her anyway. (Damn you women and your mind control! :P)

So that’s my view on the whole thing – Thought I would finish this off with a poem though as it sprang to mind:

The Truth or The Truth
the question they pose.
So keen to intrude
lies masking my woes.

Get out, move down
step away you pawns
it’ll never be yours
and nor your spawns.

The Truth I tell
with tone sincere,
A ruse I speak,
to raise their cheer.

The Truth in fact
I keep my silence.
No-one must know
what runs my science.

Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare | The Daily Post.

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