Orion 83 – Part 3 – The Hole

So in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger here is the third part in the short story I am writing (please see here for the previous parts of the story):

With the destruction of his ship, Orion 83 concluded that his only course of action was to investigate the void shown on the scans. During the 200 mile trek to the void he sifted through the information he had on his current predicament. The void was not an unheard of phenomena for his superiors back on Earth and on learning of it on this planet someone had tried to eliminate him with the ship. The only conclusion he could think of was that there was a danger posed by whatever was on this planet and his superiors were not willing to risk that danger being brought back to Earth. But why had he been stranded here? Had he already been affected by what was on this planet?

Orion was capable of running much faster than a human, so he arrived at the void three days later. When he arrived all musings on why he had been stranded here left his head. Before him was a perfectly circular hole, about 200 meters across. He stared down into the empty blackness before kicking a rock down. He tracked it for 30 seconds before it disappeared from sight, still falling. He double checked all his emergency subroutines but no-one seemed to have planned ahead for this eventuality.

He walked round the hole to see if there were any irregularities, but the sides were smooth all round the edge, and there did not appear to be any easy way down. He could jump, but without knowing how deep the hole was he could not complete the calculations to ensure he landed safely. Deciding that he had nothing to lose he ran the calculations anyway, assuming that the hole was at least a mile deep. He then threw himself into a swan dive off the edge, a dive even Sylvester Stallone would have been proud of.

About a minute into the fall he could no longer see the sky above him and was beginning to think this may not have been the best idea when everything stopped. He was still in mid air but had stopped falling. Then he felt his power systems draining again like when he had encountered the cube, and before he offlined he wondered what this was that was turning his world upside down…

 So that is where I am up to – I have got some ideas for the next part but feel free to leave some suggestions if you can think of where this could go. I wil be publishing the next part before the end of this week.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! | The Daily Post.

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