My latest music playlist using BBC Playlister

At the backend of last year the BBC released their Playlister app which I have found to be an answer little application. Essential allows you to create a playlist of tracks that you have heard on the radio at the click of a button.

The way it works is that if you hear a track on the radio whilst using the BBC iPlayer Radio app then you can choose to add it to your Playlister with the press of one button from within the app.

Then at a later date you have the choice to export your playlist (Current export options include YouTube and Spotify). The link between the app and my YouTube account was seemless and in less than a minute I had loaded up the playlist on YouTube and was listening to all my favorites from the past few weeks.

So I would definitely recommend this app for anyone who loves listening to the radio but like me are useless at remembering the track names.

Here is the current playlist that I have compiled with the app. Enjoy:

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