5 Year Old Hero – The Engine that could.

Thomas The Tank Engine

When I was that age I can remember being obessessed with Thomas the Tank Engine – He was certainly a hero for me. (Arguably I would say he still is – he certainly taught me some important life lessons – the main one being that dedication is the route to what you want. :P)

First conceived by Reverend Awdry in a series of short stories he wrote for his son in 1946, Thomas has gone from strength to strength over the years. His first apperance on the TV was in 1979 when Britt Allcroft came across the books and bought the rights to convert them into a TV series. From there Thomas has grown into the institution he is today.

Often known as “The little engine that could” after the book of the same title, Thomas has become a firm favourite around the world and has even won awards for the positive mental attitude he promotes. In the Independent on Sunday’s 2009 “Happy List”, Thomas was the only fictional character recognised alongside 98 real-life adults and a therapy dog for making Britain a better and happier place.

So thank you all joining me on my trip down memory lane. Which childhood characters raise the fondest memories for you?

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