Singular Sensation – Terry Pratchett


If I could have one guaranteed reader for my blog it would have to be Terry Pratchett. He is by far and away my favourite author and most known for his Discworld series which now numbers over 40 volumes. He has been publishing novels for over 40 years with his first, The Carpet People, published back in 1971, and since he started the Discworld series with The Colour of Magic in 1983 he has averaged a couple of books a year, not a bad achievement considering most mainstream authors publish full novels once a year at the most.

He has had a big impact on my life and his books have always been a source of enjoyment for me. My favourite character from the Discworld series is definitely Captain (and then Commander) Sam Vimes. For those not familiar with the character, he is depicted in the books as a mixture between the jaded alcoholic detectives seen in the film noir genre and DI Jack Frost. The following is Vimes descibing himself to a tee:

“”Everyone wants something from Vimes, even though I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I’m probably a spoon.”

There are two things I would ask Terry if he was reading:

  • Where does he get his brilliant hats from? (Every picture I have seen of him shows him in a different hat – all usually with a large brim and a tall point – A wizard’s hat in fact :D)
  • Where he got the inspiration for 30 years of published work in the Discworld series – I know I struggle from day to day thinking what to write on this blog, let alone producing 2 novels a year.

So he would be my one guaranteed reader, who would yours be?

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation | The Daily Post.

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