Sweet Sixteen – Quizmania

So here is a bit of a GK quiz on the number sixteen for you. Please put your answers in the comments below and I will publish my answers for you tomorrow:

  1. Sixteen               , to battle it out on black and white.
  2. Sixteen               , before one beheaded.
  3. Sixteen               , for Mario to thrash.
  4. Tarot card number sixteen,              , is the card of change.
  5. Sixteen               , to make up the pound.
  6. Sixteenth December 1773, The                occurs.
  7. Shirt sixteen of the Chicago White Sox, Hall of Famer               .
  8. The 16th amendment legalized                  in the US.
  9. In music a sixteenth note is also known as               .
  10. The 16th element of the periodic table is                .
  11. Sixteen, the minimum age for joining                 in the UK.
  12. Sixteen digits on most               .
  13. Sixteen               of God in the Old Testament.
  14. Sixteen satellites of the planet              .
  15. Sweet Little Sixteen, a song by               .
  16. The number system with base 16, is called                 .


Lucas Goon.

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen | The Daily Post.

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