Man’s Best Friend

One of the nicest things I have ever done was for my pet dog, Beau, a Doberman crossbreed. About 18 months ago we rescued her from the Pondarosa Rescue Kennels and she has certainly come a long way from the scared five month old puppy we started with. Quite timid to begin with she has since grown into the wonderful ball of fun we have today. Her latest conquest is the new toy we recently got for her from Ikea, a soft, squishy ball as shown below:

Beau - Defeated

Defeated by a soft squishy ball!

Now this had kept her occupied for a good while and we were starting to think it indestructible and the photo above got uploaded to Facebook with the tag line “Defeated by a soft, squishy ball!” and to date nothing else has been able to wear her out quite like it did.

However she has now finally got into it as shown below! Little Monkey.

Beau - Victory

“Victory is Mine!”

This was only the tip of the iceberg and when she finished the place looked like the scene of a teddy bear massacre, with stuffing strewn everywhere.

But it’s not only her that has had a favour done for them. She has certainly gone a long way to keeping me in shape, with half hour walks twice a day as standard with longer walks on a weekend, so definitely no rest for the wicked. 😛

So here’s to you my four legged friend. May you ever keep me on my toes and teddy bear free! 😀

Published in response to today’s Daily Prompt: Nice Is as Nice Does | The Daily Post.

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One comment on “Man’s Best Friend
  1. Marcela says:

    Lol. Great post.

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