He stared into the rippling waters beneath, each wave showing a different face. A face for every occasion, one might think. Yet to him they were all the same, a mask to hide his intent. His nickname as a youth had been Mirrorer, given that he could mimic anyone after his first meeting. Not the most auspicious of monikers, but it did offer him some protection as a youth, a time when something different wasn’t always understood.

The waters settled. That had only been the beginning of the path that had led him here. Now he had a choice to make, Which face to chose? Which fate to fulfill? His power was fading and soon he would be stuck with just one face. After a life of many threads, he was finding it hard to pick just one. The soldier? The spy? The loving husband?

Suddenly he knew. To disappear he needed to use the one face no-one had seen. He concentrated and his features swam before his eyes in the mirror slick surface of the stilled water.

Pale features stared at him. Features he had not seen in many years. Dark brows and lashes made a stark contrast to the light skin, framing his dark blue eyes. He stretched a hand out towards his reflection, marveling how the first face he knew had never changed as he had aged. All the others had, his favourites the most grizzled of them all. Yet know he was a young man again, perhaps he could return to what had made him run, the fear of a normal life. After the many lives he had lived, perhaps he should now live his own. He turned from the water for the last time, and walked away.

A flash fiction published as part of today’s Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror | The Daily Post.

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