Orion 83 – A Path to Enlightenment

I am fairly new to the whole writing game so no books planned as yet, however I thought I would base the blurb on a short story series I have started about an android called Orion 83. If you find the blurb appealing and would like to read where I have got up to so far please see the links below:

When he becomes stranded on Epsilon 4, Orion 83 must question the very basis of his existence. Why had he been stranded there? What was the function of the light and why had they chosen him?

A story of an android’s path to enlightenment, Orion 83 holds the fate of the universe in his hands, yet all he wants is for The Dream to return to him, with the ease of life that it provides.

Part 1 – Deep Sleep

Part 2 – The Cube

Part 3 – The Hole

Part 4 – The Light

I would much appreciate any feedback you guys have so please leave a comment.

Published in response to today’s Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) | The Daily Post.

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6 comments on “Orion 83 – A Path to Enlightenment
  1. xiel15 says:

    I was scanning the pingbacks then I saw Orion something and my brain was like, ‘Wait, hold up! Orion!’ And it was the same for Getting Nymph-ed. Yeah Greeeeeeek!! Haha :)) So, you a fan of Greek stuff as well? Just asking :)))))

    • lucasgoon says:

      Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read my work. Unfortunately the Orion I was inspired from was the star constellation not the Greek myth although I am well aware that they are connected. 😀 I am a fan of greek mythology as well though. The tattoo on my forearm has a quote from one of the great greek epics. “Fortune favours the bold.” Bonus points if you can tell me which epic. 😛

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