Musings of a First Time Buyer

I am currently looking to buy my first house with my Fiance and the process is certainly proving a lot more complicated than I first thought. With so many factors to account for it appeared at first glance to be some epic balancing act, weighing up the pros and cons of each mortgage provider against what we want and can afford. And this is without us trying to sell a house at the same time – Given the work involved with just buying I must say that I am not looking forward to that.

The whole process comes after a year of an almost hermit existence – we have neglected our social lives in favour of our saving for a deposit. This has certainly been one of the biggest barriers we have been up against – that and the fact that I currently have no permanent employment, which as I am sure most of you know means that I cannot declare my income for the mortgage.

Thankfully those barriers have now been passed and we are in a position where the bank will lend to us – we just have the lovely job of sorting the reams of paperwork. Whilst it has been a struggle the goal we are aiming for to own our own bit of real estate is coming to fruition, and has been worth the fight for it. To anyone else out there looking to get their own place I would recommend it and do not let the bamboozling world of mortgage finance baffle you – just keep asking questions till you get the answers you need.

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course | The Daily Post.

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