The Smitten Kitten

Tarquin loved to flirt – nothing crude but a few well placed compliments always helped in his negotiations. He earned his keep by arranging mortgages in the city for FTSE 100 companies. Whilst he would never admit it, he was a bit of a player now, more interested in a one off rather than anything meaningful. Until he met Shelly that is.

One sunny Saturday afternoon in May, Tarquin was in his local park, enjoying some chilled beers and taking advantage of the pleasant weather to get some frisbee practice in.

“What shall we do tonight Tarq?”

The question floated across with the disc from Tarquin’s oldest friend, Jay. He had been there through thick and thin, even the nights they had agreed never to talk about again.

“As long as it involves more beer and dancing I’m easy.” Tarquin replied, throwing the disc back at Jay.

“How about Lebiblio? They’ve got a new drum & bass night starting tonight if you fancy it.”

“Sounds good. What time do…” Tarquin cut off as he stretched to get his fingers round a wide throw from Jay.

“My bad” Jay shouted.

Thinking to give Jay a bit of a run in retaliation Tarquin pinged the disc at Jay as hard as he could. It wasn’t until the disc had shot over Jay’s head that Tarquin noticed the sunbather lying on the floor 20 yards away, right in the flight line of the disc. He shouted out just in time for the sunbather to look up and watch the disc zip in front of her eyes.

He jogged over, hands held up and apologies tumbling out of his mouth.

“It’s ok, no harm done” She replied.

It was now that he got his first proper look at who he had nearly given an impromptu haircut to. She wasn’t his usual type, with light brown hair curling round her shoulders, and a slim, athletic build. Yet when he neared her all his usual charm failed him, leaving him speechless.

“Are you going to offer me a drink for almost beheading me or are you just gonna stand there like a fish?”

This last bit was said with a hint of a smile on her face, clearly ammused by Tarquin’s lack of composure.

“Of course, how’s does now take your fancy?” Tarquin could feel his hands sweating, who was this who could so easily fluster him?

“I can but you had better check with your friend first.” She said, nodding in Jay’s direction.

“Ahh don’t worry he won’t mind”

Jay had already seen what was happening and was already heading off, knowing his friend would catch him up later – never had a girl come between them.

“So where are you going to take me then? Attempted decapitation must be dinner at the least.”

The twinkle in her eye as she said this caused Tarquin’s stomach to flip. She stood up and stepped in close. Tarquin’s heart started to race even faster than it had.

“I’d settle for a kiss though, long as it sweeps me off my feet.” She said, the cheekiness still evident in her voice.

Only too happy to oblige Tarquin pulled her into his arms and gentle pressed his lips to hers, melting into the moment, knowing that he had found his true love. He had vowed for years that he was not the love at first sight type anymore, expecting to live out his days as a bachelor, yet here he was kissing a girl who he knew he would know forever without even knowing her name. Becoming the one thing he’d sworn he wouldn’t again, a smitten kitten.

Watching from afar Jay could see the sparks flying between the the pair of them, and was happy for his friend, glad that Tarquin had found it in himself to love again.

A piece of flash fiction inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love | The Daily Post.

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