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The Year so far – 190 Days Later | The Daily Post

A poem about the year so far: The year thus far, so full of strife, Planes crash down, and schools ignite. Devils threaten our way of life, Drawing us in, urging we fight. Flight 370 – vanishes from sight, No

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The Kiss of Life – Back to Life | The Daily Post

So the week is over, and Friday night appears on the horizon. Time for the weekly ritual. It starts with Radio 1 in the car, turned up full blast so it knocks your socks off, dance anthems working to soothe

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V for Vicious – The Ray Bradbury Noun List Twist | The Daily Post

So this week’s task challenges us to use a noun list for inspiration for a piece, as popularized by Ray Bradbury. So first things first the list which i acquired from the bot on twitter (@YouAreCarrying just send them a

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Thoughts on buying a house…

Negotiate – “To reach an agreement or compromise through discussion” I’m sure we all understand the concept – you talk things through and reach a decision. Yet, when brokering a deal to buy your first house this becomes a massive

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War of the Noise

No headphones you say, No balm for my ears? Nothing to drown out, The sound of their fears. The silence must reign, No fun to be had. Boredom eternal, Soon totally mad! Whistle whilst I work? No sound must be

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So yeah after an absence of real life blocking my virtual one here is a quick poem to get things rolling again, and me back into the swing of things 😛 “Help, we’re melting!” The iced juices squeak. Insides congealing,

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