Thoughts on buying a house…

Negotiate – “To reach an agreement or compromise through discussion”

I’m sure we all understand the concept – you talk things through and reach a decision.

Yet, when brokering a deal to buy your first house this becomes a massive word to swallow. It is Monday morning as I type this, waiting for the confirmation from the estate agents as to whether they will accept the terms V the vendor is looking to place on the deal (Believing that he has been mislead by the estate agent, the vendor is looking for recompense from them as part of the deal on the house).

The clack of fingers on keys helps to steady my nerves, strung out on edge since Saturday when V first raised his demand of the agents, fully aware that no answer would be given until the boss returns from his weekend away.

This isn’t our first attempt to buy a house, previous attempts failing for reasons out of our control – The first we were outbid beyond our available budget, and the second vendor backed out of the sale a week before we exchanged contracts. I am keeping fingers crossed that this one might be the lucky third attempt (if not it’s the third from trouble coming in threes :P) and remind myself that the end result will definitely be worth navigating the maze that is the UK property market.

I stare at my phone, willing it to ring – patience may be a virtue but I find myself with an increasing short supply of late. So to ease my nerves here is a short poem on the subject:

V the Vendor

V is here, with a house for sale,
Come see what i have to offer.

Antique floors, and mullioned windows,
Drop your pants, and fill my coffer.

Spiral stairs, views to die for.
Would you steal to sate your desire?

Acres of green, a lake for diving.
BOGOF? He cries – God loves a trier.

House for sale, house for sale,
let’s see what mugs we find.

So, that’s half an hour used up and still i am waiting for the phone to ring. To be continued…….

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