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So this week’s task challenges us to use a noun list for inspiration for a piece, as popularized by Ray Bradbury. So first things first the list which i acquired from the bot on twitter (@YouAreCarrying just send them a tweet with the word inventory):

A Digital Watch
A Severed Head
A White Suit
A Sixteen-inch cable
A Broken Jewel-encrusted egg
A Fire Hydrant
A Log Tap

So here is a piece of Flash fiction inspired by these words:

V for Vicious

V glanced at his wrist, checking the time on the cheap digital watch poking out of the sleeve of his drab grey 3 piece. He’d been waiting here for an hour now, told to watch for a man in a white suit who would have a job for him. V hated the guy, escpecially what the suit stood for. He worn it because he never got his hands dirty, always pulling strings in the background, whilst letting others take the risks.

He was ready for giving up when a car sped round the corner and skidded to a halt beside him.

“Get in here now V!” White shouted, flinging the passenger door wide.

The car sped off again before V was even settled in his seat,  smashing the open door into a fire hydrant, causing it to slam in his face. Turning to White he shouted his defiance at the rough treatment.

“What do you think you’re playing at? You almost smashed my face in then!”

White just stared at him from the other side of the car, careful to keep his clean suit from touching V.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence White reached under his seat and pulled out a hat box and passed it to V.

“I have an unusual request for you V.”

V looked at the box – he usually dealt with coffin sized “objects” and for once his curiosity got the better of him. He opened the lid and what he saw shook even his iron nerves. Staring from the dark of the box were a pair of glass eyes residing inside a severed head.

“What did he do to deserve this White?” V asked.

“He stole, and broke, one of my prized possessions.”

V glanced at the head and a shine caught his eye from it’s mouth. Looking closer he could see that the teeth had been replaced with gems.

As if reading his thoughts White nodded at the mouth and said:

“He may be dead but at least he got his desire. He bungled his attempt to steal my prized Jewel Egg and broke it in the process. I had the pieces installed as his teeth and eyes to warn off anyone else from trying anything stupid.”

V schooled his face to calm, hiding the revulsion he felt for White at this point.

” I want you to drop this off at the Marello Mansion, and don’t forget this as well”

White handed over a 16-inch length of cable which was covered in blood.

“This is what was used to remove his head, lets see if they can figure it out…..


The Ray Bradbury Noun List Twist | The Daily Post.

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  1. Wonderful content, thank You !!

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