Let Them Eat Cake – Odd Trio Redux | The Daily Post

So this Daily Prompt from The Daily Post challenged us to write a piece involving the following three things:

A Slice of Cake
Pair of Flip-Flops
Someone Old & Wise

So with these in mind here is my attempt:

Let Them Eat Cake!

The waiter swung round the corner, apron strings trailing out behind him like contrails whilst a slice of cherry pie sailed through the air where his head had been a moment earlier.

“Are you trying to poison me?!” Her Ladyship screamed at the waiter’s retreating form. “If I see one more cherry there will be hell to pay.”

Old Bob dashed through the last door into the safety of the kitchen, long accustomed to dealing with Her Ladyship’s rants. The four grey walls of the kitchen had been his stronghold in this house of cards for the past 40 years, a haven from Her Ladyship’s mad behavior which all the servants tolerated given the large wages they earned, but still, it took a special mindset to accept ten trips back to the kitchen “Because the icing is not right!”

Bob started scanning the pantry, looking for a dessert Her Ladyship had not tried.

A glitter caught his eye at the back, and he strode over. A magnificent cake stood in the corner, freshly made by the look of it. He slid a finger along the edge of the cake and tried the icing. Flavours exploded in his mouth, and he almost lost his balance whilst enjoying the taste sensation. Astounded he cut out a slice of the cake to try, and this time he had to sit to avoid losing his feet. Textures and tastes rolled around his mouth but left him with a dilemma – should he share it with his mistress, or keep it to himself.

A glance at his feet made up his mind. The infernal flip-flops her ladyship insisted he wear, a precaution ever since someone stepped on her toes, were a shocking pink and rubbed in all of the wrong places.

An idea sprung to his mind and he slid the cursed footwear off his feet. Stepping over to the mincer he loaded the flip-flops in and switched it on. Soon he had reduced the flip-flops to small bite-size pieces. Pulling sponge fingers from the pantry and jelly, custard and strawberries from the fridge he started to layer up a trifle, usually a safe bet for Her Ladyship. The flip-flops went into the pudding with the other fruit, and soon he had the Sole Surprise finished.

Stepping back into the dining room he presented the trifle to his mistress:

“I have a new creation for you my Lady. I call it Sole Surprise, and it’s guaranteed to contain no cherries whatsoever.”

He offered up the trifle to her and watched as she winkled out a spoonful, careful to stifle his mirth when he saw a pink flash in the spoonful she guided to her mouth. Her Ladyship relied on first impressions for everything and the waiter had clearly done his work well, wisdom and age serving to remind him exactly how far he could push his luck.

As she finished off the trifle, Her Ladyship nodded in approval at Old Bob, high praise indeed from this parochial peer.

Hiding his satisfied grin Bob strode back to the kitchen, eager to claim the prize-winning cake as his own…


A piece of flash fiction inspired by this Daily Prompt: Odd Trio Redux | The Daily Post.

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