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This week’s writing challenge, which can be found here, challenges us to write a piece using two parts set by Cheri, a location selected from a group of images and one of five opening lines. I am going to use the location “On a journey to an unknown location” and the opening line “Loneliness is an interesting feeling.”

Loneliness is an interesting feeling, V mused whilst he struggled with his bonds. He had been tied to a chair which was the only furniture in the train car. Bolted to the floor as it was there would be no tipping it over for an easy escape. He would have to work at his bonds and hope he could loosen them enough to escape. For most people, he thought, loneliness is regarded as a negative quality, something to be avoided, but V was relishing his solitude at the moment – anything to avoid further “questioning” from his captors. He still had no idea what they wanted, or even who they worked for. They regularly retied his bonds, ensuring the likelihood of his escape stayed minimal.

V didn’t mind the silence, finding that he thought better without the distraction of someone else’s voice. Applying himself to the problem at hand, he started work on easing the knots round his wrists – hoping that this time he would succeed before they came to interrogate him again. Working his hands from left to right he could feel the bonds gradually easing, micron by micron.

Five minutes of frantic wriggling later and he was almost free, and as the last knot was coming loose he heard the guard unlocking the door. V rushed to the door and slammed it open as soon as the guard had finished unlocking it, crushing the guard behind it with a muffled grunt. Dashing through V didn’t even stop to see if he had killed the guard.

V had been blindfolded when he was brought on the train so the next car stopped him in his tracks. Floor, walls and ceiling were all completely covered with dull black tiles. V could sense an almost palpable chill in the air, something awful had happened in this room and he was in hurry to find out what.

He ran through a door at the far end of the carriage and found himself staring into empty space either side, the train was pulling over an extensive bridge with sheer drops to the river below either side.

A click behind him alerted him to someone entering the front end of the carriage. He spun round to find a shrouded figure standing in the carriage, smoke billowing from every gap in its cloak. V took one look at him and then launched himself over the side of the bridge, anything was better than dealing with this apparition.

His solitude returned as he plummeted towards the water below, and as he plunged into the water he thanked his lucky stars to have escaped again…..


A piece of flash fiction written in response to this week’s writing challenge – Build Your Own | The Daily Post.

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