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Double Take – Think Again | The Daily Post

From the outside the bar looked a bit of a dive, peeling paint on the outside exposing crumbling brickwork underneath. A neon red sign flashed intermittently above the door spelling out “Be r”. Certainly no evidence of a salubrious establishment

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The Kiss of Life – Back to Life | The Daily Post

So the week is over, and Friday night appears on the horizon. Time for the weekly ritual. It starts with Radio 1 in the car, turned up full blast so it knocks your socks off, dance anthems working to soothe

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Thoughts on buying a house…

Negotiate – “To reach an agreement or compromise through discussion” I’m sure we all understand the concept – you talk things through and reach a decision. Yet, when brokering a deal to buy your first house this becomes a massive

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Man’s Best Friend

One of the nicest things I have ever done was for my pet dog, Beau, a Doberman crossbreed. About 18 months ago we rescued her from the Pondarosa Rescue Kennels and she has certainly come a long way from the

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5 Year Old Hero – The Engine that could.

When I was that age I can remember being obessessed with Thomas the Tank Engine – He was certainly a hero for me. (Arguably I would say he still is – he certainly taught me some important life lessons –

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It could be you!

Particularly at this time of year the lure of winning the lottery is a dream shared by a lot of us – £1,000,000 is certainly a life changing sum of money. Yet what could you get for your money? a 1 Million pound

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Alien Invasion – Revenge of the Clouds

So a friend of mine told me a funny story the other day. Late one evening he was sat outside in his garden enjoying a post dinner smoke when he looked up to see a light moving across the sky. Dismissing

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