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V’s Descent – Build Your Own | The Daily Post

This week’s writing challenge, which can be found here, challenges us to write a piece using two parts set by Cheri, a location selected from a group of images and one of five opening lines. I am going to use

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Double Take – Think Again | The Daily Post

From the outside the bar looked a bit of a dive, peeling paint on the outside exposing crumbling brickwork underneath. A neon red sign flashed intermittently above the door spelling out “Be r”. Certainly no evidence of a salubrious establishment

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Let Them Eat Cake – Odd Trio Redux | The Daily Post

So this Daily Prompt from The Daily Post challenged us to write a piece involving the following three things: A Slice of Cake Pair of Flip-Flops Someone Old & Wise So with these in mind here is my attempt: Let Them

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V for Vicious – The Ray Bradbury Noun List Twist | The Daily Post

So this week’s task challenges us to use a noun list for inspiration for a piece, as popularized by Ray Bradbury. So first things first the list which i acquired from the bot on twitter (@YouAreCarrying just send them a

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Daily Prompt: SOS | The Daily Post

Glyn glanced up at the incoming tide, and something shiny caught his eye. He waded over and plucked the glittery object that was bobbing gently in the white surf. It was a bottle with a piece of parchment sealed inside.

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He stared into the rippling waters beneath, each wave showing a different face. A face for every occasion, one might think. Yet to him they were all the same, a mask to hide his intent. His nickname as a youth

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