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You’ve cloned my house!

“What is this? You’ve cloned my house! From the highest roof, to the smallest mouse.” Each single book, upon the shelves. Copied in full, even the elves. Mimicry shows, regard most high. “You’ve even copied, my tiny Bonsai.” A sense

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Thoughts on buying a house…

Negotiate – “To reach an agreement or compromise through discussion” I’m sure we all understand the concept – you talk things through and reach a decision. Yet, when brokering a deal to buy your first house this becomes a massive

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An Ode Full of Home

So today’s prompt asked for a poem about home so here is mine – To make it interesting I said that for each stanza the first letter of each line should spell out home. So enjoy and leave a like

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A Hero’s Home

Home is where his heart is, A castle against the flow. The bastion of hope is his, With room for him to grow. Home is where his mind stills, Standing in the light. A place to hone his epic skills,

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