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Man and Machine

Man and machine, A match made in heaven. IOs or Jelly Bean, Kindles and Win Seven. Men and their gadgets, like other appendages. Smart phones and tablets, collating their messages. The age of digital, A plethora of data. A techno

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10 Simple Things That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

Had a link posted to me on Facebook and thought I would share it with you all. It certainly has some good ideas and I believe all ten are things anyone can put into practice. Here they are: Exercise more

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My latest music playlist using BBC Playlister

At the backend of last year the BBC released their Playlister app which I have found to be an answer little application. Essential allows you to create a playlist of tracks that you have heard on the radio at the

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E-tattoo that can read your thoughts!

Here is an interesting development from Google-owned company Motorola Mobility. They have recently applied for a patent to cover the connection between an electronic smart tattoo, like the one pictured below, and a smart phone. The tattoo they have been

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Battle of the Sexes

It is certainly not uncommon knowledge that men and women think differently – In general terms men tend to have better spacial awareness and motor skills whilst women tend to be better multi-taskers and have better memory retention. Recent revolutions

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The Pain of Passwords

On more than one occasion I have found myself lost with passwords. With so many to remember it is a surprise I can remember anything else. Passwords have become essential to our life, whether it be in a social, commercial,

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